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Invasive Basketry


so you want to weave a basket?

This is a book for the total beginner who wants to start weaving with the plants outside their door! It's also for the experienced basketry artist looking to incorporate more local fibers into their craft. But, what about those who don't care much about baskets? This one is also for you folks just wanting to weave things you can use everyday - hats, chairs, you name it - with invasive plants!

Why invasives?

Here in my home in Appalachia, imported plants from across the world - such as kudzu, english ivy, and privet - sprawl over the landscape. Much reviled, these persistent plants offer a tremendous opportunity in their abundant, easy to harvest, and durable fibers. In this book I share techniques to help you forage for and weave useful wild plants, wherever you live.

"If you can't beat 'em, weave 'em!"

Invasive Basketry covers:

  • basic basketry techniques for the beginner

  • advanced techniques for the continuing weaver

  • instructions on harvesting vines and bark, including different species around the world

  • plant-specific profiles for common invasives in the U.S. including kudzu, bittersweet, english ivy, mimosa, and privet

  • Instructions for woven projects including:


harvest basket




Invasive Basketry also shares the powerful stories of several Appalachian basket weavers and tradition bearers who have had a profound influence on the craft.

Join me for an exploration of woven forms and the plants outside your door!

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